We highly recommend to get your ring size in your local jewellery store (99% free of charge) Its important to get it perfect. If You don't have access or time for that, use this method:

Take a strip of paper 3mm (width is very important) wide and 100mm long.

  • Wrap it around the base of your finger making sure it fits snug, but isn’t too tight.
  • Tape the paper where it overlaps to form a circle
  • Try to put it on and off few times. Start all over if its not alright. It has to be perfect. 
  • Cut in half. measure the length and compare it to the chart below (using this measurement as your circumference).

When taking your finger measurement, make sure you do it a few times over a period of a day or so in order to gauge an accurate size. Your fingers react to warm and cold environments.  Have on mind that wider rings need bigger size, wider the bottom of the ring, bigger the size You need. 

It is important to be sure of your sizing before placing your order. The atelier does not accept returns on rings that are the wrong size due to customer error or a change of mind.

If you have any problems with sizing, please CONTACT US.