Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy accept the principle of the Privacy Policy below. If you disagree with them, please do not use the service reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy. Every customer valid current Privacy Policy located at Privacy Policy Any changes do not affect the basic principle: We do not sell and do not share personal data to third parties or address customers / users. 

Personal Data
When using you may be asked to provide certain personally identifiable information by filling out a form or otherwise. 

Ordering Products
Ordering products offered by '' requires the correct form of address data. 

Payment data
If you pay by credit card or electronic funds transfer takes customer service paypal. The PayPal is responsible for the information given in the forms. PayPal forms are on a secure server are encrypted and appropriate technologies. '' not have access to these data.
Unannounced News
'' reserves the right to send unsolicited messages to people whose contact information is and who agreed to the Privacy Policy.The term unsolicited understand information directly relating to its services and products (eg, changes, internal promotions), a non-profit (eg greetings, personal, etc.) and commercial information whose deliveries were paid for by customers Commercial information is filtered to the extent possible, limited by their volume and are sent occasionally. 

Cookies service uses cookies, which are small text files sent to the user's computer, identifying it as necessary to simplify or cancellation of the operation. An example of the use of cookies in can be identified as returning visitors who choose to provide us with your name. With cookies, we can remember, the presence of a person on a specific site and view personalised content. Cookies is a condition of their acceptance by the browser and not removing them from the disk.